Gift Card Program

Gift Card Programs and Options

Sell Gift Cards in
as little as 10 Days
Flexible Programs Including Merchandising Tools
Complete Custom Solutions Designed specifically
for your business

A FREE gift card program for merchants. Includes 100 standard cards personalized with merchants name,
100 standard card holders
and acrylic display rack

Standard and Custom Card options. Includes 500 cards and 500 standard card holders, acrylic display rack, 2 posters, 3 table tents and 5 buttons
Whatever you need. 1000 card minimum Flexible pricing options Merchandising materials priced separately


Merchant Benefits

  • Plastic gift cards outsell paper gift certificates 10 to 1
  • Card circulation helps build brand awareness
  • Declining balance keeps full cash value in store
  • 56% of customers spend more than card value
  • Customers using cards are less price sensitive
  • Boosts customer loyalty & shopping frequency
  • Easy for customers to buy, give, carry and use
  • Powerful promotional tool for marketing campaigns
  • Detailed reporting for accurate accounting
  • Electronic audit trail minimizes losses


Usage Stats

  • Gift card sales in 2005 were estimated at approximately $65 Billion – up an estimated 24% from the previous year
  • The average consumer spent $233 on gift cards with an average value of $48
  • Consumers wanting a gift card totaled 60% in 2005, up from 57% in 2004
  • Consumers purchased an average of 4.86 cards each and spent an average of $39.00 on each card
  • 92% of adults have gift card awareness - up from 76% in 2002
  • Boosts customer loyalty & shopping frequency
  • Fifty-nine percent of the American shopping public, 131 million people, has used or received a gift card in the past twelve months.


Income Potential

The most profitable square foot of space in the place.

Example of profit per location based on annual sales of 500 gift cards (LaunchBox Program):


500 cards sold @ avg. value of $38: $19,000
of card ($10 x 500): $5,000
Cost of Goods Sold @ 50% (retail markup): ($12,000)
10 - 12% Breakage (cards never redeemed): $2,400
NET REVENUE: $14,400


Custom Card Package Cost:
Transaction Processing  
(Flat monthly fee of $37 x 12 months: $444
Terminal Equipment $295

Gift Card Clients